Handmade Horn Bracelet BL0013

Handmade Organic Buffalo Horn Bracelet

Code order: BL0013

An unique and inspired accessory.

Exquisite work of art.

100% organic water buffalo horn

All-Natural, friendly, nontoxic and sustainable

Made in Viet Nam

Carved and polished with great care by finest craftsman

Each piece may vary slightly in color and size due to the lighting and nature of the product.

Size:2.470"(62.75mm) inner diameter x 1.891"(48.04mm) width

We have many kinds of special designs and sizes. The price depends on quantity. Customers can request the shapes, design, sizes and thicknesses of the materials. We do not post the price along with our products because the customers can negotiate with us about it. Therefore, the customers can have the best price ever had. We also guarantee the quality of our products. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any question.