Black mother of pearl shell buttons 14L/4H#23

Natural shell is an environmentally friendly material which create the refreshing feeling that bring us closer to the natural environment. Every single shell button is manufactured through selecting, embryo extracting, grinding, perforating, bleaching, gloss, quality control and packaging.

We are professional in designing, developing, manufacturing, dyeing, and spraying different natural shell buttons.

Shapes: Round, heart, triangle, five-stars, flowers, oval, rectangle, hexagonal; Or custom-made;

Sizes: 12l to 40l (some buttons may reach 120l or bigger); Or custom-made;

Thickness: 1.5mm to 4.5mm thick; Self-shank trocas or white mop shell buttons, the thickness may reach 7.0mm thick;

Holes: 0hole, 1hole, 2holes, 3holes, 4holes; For bigger sizes, 6holes or 9holes; Holes may be round or square;

Colors: Natural, white, black, yellow, blue, green and smoke; Dtm or spraying or custom-made;

Laser logos making or developing is available.

Abalone / awabi shell buttons (Japanese or Australian);
Akoya / agoya shell buttons (Chinese or Japanese);
Banana shell buttons;
Black /black lip mop (mother of pearl) shell buttons (tahiti);
Brown mop (mother of pearl) shell buttons;
Mississippi river shell buttons (American);
Mussel shell buttons;
Green paua (abalone) shell buttons (New Zealand);
River shell buttons (Chinese);
Troca / trocas / trochus shell buttons;
White / white lip (yellow/gold) mop (mother of pearl) shell buttons