Dobro Guitar Bone Nut Blanks size 53 x 19 x 4.8mm

Guitar Bone Nuts and Saddle Blanks custom size

Material origin: Vietnam

Bone nut blanks for different guitar brands

Fender bone nut blanks: 1-7/8 x 9/32 x 1/8” ( 47.63mm x 7.14mm x 3.18mm)

Gibson bone nut blanks: 2-3/16 x 7/16 x 3/16” ( 55.56mm x 11.11mm x 4.76mm)

Martin bone nut blanks: 2-3/16 x 7/16 x 1/4” ( 55.56mm x 11.11mm x 6.35mm)

Dobro bone nut blanks: 2-1/8 x 3/4 x 3/16” ( 53.98mm x 19.05mm x 4.76mm)

Bone nut blanks available:

Banjo bone nut blanks: 38 x 8 x 5mm

Electric guitar bone nut blanks: 45 x 8 x 5mm

Bone nut blanks: 52 x 10 x 5mm

Bone nut blanks: 55 x 10 x 6mm

Bone nut blanks: 54 x 12 x 6.35mm

We also do custom bone nut and saddle blanks, custom cut base on customers design bone nuts and saddles. Please contact us if you have any question.